Workshops for Change

Workshops for Change.JPGWorkshops for Change is a series of youth training workshops published by the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF) that are geared toward demonstrating the real world implications of social justice issues, developing personal leadership, promoting healthy youth development, and training young people on taking action through community organizing.

Our goal was to develop playful and easy-to-replicate games that focused on four major areas: (1) Social Justice, (2) Skill Building for Youth Groups, (3) Community Organizing and Strategic Development, and (4) Health.

The Social Justice workshops demonstrate how abstract concepts of inequality, including racism, classism, and anti-immigrant bias, have very real consequences for individual people. The Skill Building workshops foster interpersonal skills that are necessary for leadership and youth organizing, such as confidence, inclusion, and cooperation. The Community Organizing workshops provide a guide for bright and socially-conscious youth to think strategically, choose the right issues, and form effective campaigns. Finally, the Health workshops inspire youth to see complex social issues of the day, such as drug and violence prevention, from a social justice perspective.

Who Can Benefit from Workshops for Change?
These workshops were originally designed for high school students currently involved in community organizing. However, many have been adapted or can easily be adapted for any group of preteens or teens, whether in a community group or in the classroom, with the goals of developing deeper self-awareness and building a supportive community with their peers.

Table of Contents

Workshops for Change -- Who's the Best Recruiter.JPGIntroduction

Social Justice Workshops
Racism: Game of Strife
Classism: Amazing Dares
Immigrant Bashing: Guess the Country

Skill Building Workshops

Recruitment: Who's the Best Recruiter?
Inclusion: The Intern
Facilitation: Powerballs

Community Organizing & Strategy Development Workshops

Learning Principles: Dice of Fortune
Choosing the Issues: Blasterbrain
Stages of a Campaign: Role Play Guessing Game

Health Related Workshops

Anti-Violence: Oppressor
Anti-Drug: Jackpot / Jacked Pot


This book was written by John Fong, Associate Director of Chinese for Affirmative Action in San Francisco, and edited by Khin Mai Aung, Director of Educational Equity and Youth Rights at the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF), with assistance from Ujala Sehgal, Communications Coordinator at AALDEF. This book was made possible with pro bono assistance from Shearman & Sterling LLP.

This book was originally presented at the National Asian American Education Advocates (NAAEA) Network National Summit.


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