Righting Wrongs -- October 16, 2013: Are Chinatowns Disappearing?

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Are Chinatowns Disappearing?
imageChinatowns have been home to immigrant families for over a century. But AALDEF's new report on the three largest Chinatowns on the East Coast - Boston, New York, and Philadelphia - shows how luxury development and government policies are destroying Chinatowns for working class families and small businesses. Continue reading...
The Fate of Immigration Reform
imageThe uncertainty faced by furloughed federal workers resembles the ambiguity that marks the life of a worker on a temporary visa. Ivy Suriyopas, Director of AALDEF's Anti-Trafficking Initiative, writes in The Hill that comprehensive immigration reform has been one of the government shutdown's biggest pieces of collateral damage. The current immigration system and the pending bills fail migrant workers - from domestic work to construction - that our economy relies on. Read the op-ed...

Victory in Banned Mosque Case
imageA NJ federal judge has ruled that AlFalah's proposed plan for a mosque and community center in Bridgewater Township can move forward in the approval process. Before, the mosque's proposal had been stymied by a discriminatory zoning law. "The Court's decision demonstrates that the prejudice against Muslims continues and infects the decisions of politicians in Bridgewater and across the nation," said AALDEF Legal Director Ken Kimerling. Continue reading...
Be a Voting Rights Superhero!
imageEnsure that Asian Americans have access to the vote! In past elections, Asian Americans have faced a series of barriers in exercising their right to vote. Volunteer to monitor the polls with AALDEF for the November 5 elections in New York, New Jersey, and Virginia. Find out more details and sign up here >

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