Righting Wrongs -- March 2, 2012

In this issue:

Legal Victories for Low-Wage Immigrant Workers
imageA Nepali immigrant nail salon worker, a Chinese immigrant hotel housekeeper, and one Latino and two Korean-Chinese former kitchen workers all achieved legal victories through AALDEF's representation. After enduring abusive working conditions, including racist remarks and inhumane working hours, as well as being denied fair wages and overtime pay, these workers bravely stood up for their rights and held their employers to account. To read their inspiring stories, click here.
Who Pays for the NYPD's Racial Profiling?
imageFor months the Associated Press has reported on the NYPD's surveillance of Muslim Americans, including college students, across the Northeast. But who is paying for the NYPD's vast program of racial profiling? That's what AALDEF is trying to figure out through its latest Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) filings. To read more, click here.
The Redistricting Battle Moves to Federal Court
imageA federal magistrate judge in Brooklyn has taken charge of developing a new congressional redistricting plan for New York, after the legislature's failure to redraw district lines was challenged in Favors v. Cuomo. AALDEF has kept the voting rights of Asian Americans and other communities of color at the forefront of every step of the redistricting process. This week, we formally submitted our Unity Map to the federal court. Now, it's a race against the clock to have a fair redistricting plan in place before the June 26 congressional primary elections. To read more, click here.
AALDEF Speaks Out Against Linsanity's Ugly Turn
imageAfter ESPN used the derogatory headline "Chink in the Armor" to describe the performance of New York Knicks player Jeremy Lin, AALDEF issued a statement calling its coverage "racist and inexcusable" and "an insult to all Asian Americans." Read the Huffington Post's feature on our position here.

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