Righting Wrongs -- April 13, 2012

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Chinatown Properties Illegally Charged $400,000
imageThe NYC Department of Finance charged Chinatown small business and property owners thousands in Business Improvement District (BID) fees for four months before a Chinatown BID was even in place! For struggling owners, these illegal fees threatened to put them out of business. While officials ignored their claims, AALDEF spoke up and prepared to file a lawsuit. The result? The City admitted its mistake, and is reportedly returning $400,000 to the property owners. Read more...
Worried About NYPD Spying? Go FOIL Yourself!
imageThe NYPD spied on hundreds of students, business owners, and other citizens without any evidence of wrongdoing. So how do you stand up for your rights and demand NYPD transparency? We say: Go FOIL Yourself! Join the countless individuals in AALDEF's mass campaign for NYPD transparency by using our resources to file a New York Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request to find out if the NYPD is spying on you. The more requests that are filed, the stronger our message! Read more...
Nepali Worker's Brave Stand Against Exploitation
imageNepali worker Mr. Biswokarma was subjected to shocking labor violations by the Long Island restaurant Masala Wok & Grill. He had to live in isolated, dingy group housing with four workers, and was denied time off for medical care. He worked as much as 21 days straight, almost 12 hours a day, but soon was paid only $100 a week, and then nothing at all. Despite facing homelessness, he left and sought representation from AALDEF. With our help, he spoke out publicly against the restaurant, and AALDEF has sued to secure his back wages. Read more...
Win Free Tickets to the Mets vs. Giants Game!
imageIt's about time that the biggest baseball fans among AALDEF supporters got together with the biggest baseball fans at AALDEF! We figured the East-West match-up between the NY Mets and the SF Giants is the perfect chance. So the first 10 people who contact us at events@aaldef.org (yes, starting right now) will receive two free tickets to the Monday, April 23rd Mets game! Thank you to the New York Mets for its donation! See you at Citi Field!

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