National Asian American Education Advocates Network

About the NAAEA Network
The National Asian American Education Advocates Network (NAAEA Network) is a broad collaborative of direct service providers, youth and parent organizers, education lawyers, policy advocates, youth development workers, and community based organizations that work with and for the Asian American community across the country.

The NAAEA Network believes in the basic human right to education for all young people. All youth deserve an equal and just opportunity to learn and realize their greatest potential. In particular, we seek to ensure that this right is guaranteed and protected for Asian American youth, an extremely diverse community with specific challenges that often go unaddressed. The Asian American community encompasses a wide range of histories and struggles; many different ethnicities and languages; immigrants, refugees, and native-born people; and families of every economic and academic level of achievement. We aim to acknowledge this diversity in our targeted work, and address the often overlooked needs of our youth.

Through the NAAEA Network, we hope to strengthen our joint capacity to engage in advocacy and direct organizing in order to cultivate the Asian American voice in the areas of education and youth rights. Together we collectively tackle issues affecting Asian American youth both at the local and national level. The NAAEA Network also provides a support system for all its member organizations, affording us the opportunity to share our vast collection of resources, information, and expertise.


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