Court victories bring out massive crowd of Asian Americans at San Francisco Pride

July 1, 2013 10:49 AM

It was like an early Independence Day celebration.

Pride parades took place in New York, Houston, and San Francisco over the weekend. As a straight male, I witnessed the scene in all three cities in the past. (I remember going to the Farm House in Houston in 1975!) As a journalist in San Francisco, I covered the parade in the Castro district in the 80s. Having grown up in the neighborhood, I've witnessed the amazing evolution of Pride--now it practically engulfs the city and its Civic Center. (And Leather Alley/the Fetish Zone are on the same street as Hastings College of the Law.)

Of course, Asian Americans were a part of the celebration.

South Asians were well represented.

Ralph Bolano, a Filipino American immigrant, said this Pride was special because of the Supreme Court's rulings on Prop 8 and DOMA earlier in the week.

One Asian American man draped himself in the flag as he walked by me with his partner. 
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And a personal story.
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